A Peek Into My Week 1 Fasting Journal

What's life without a little drama and exaggeration? What's an attempt at beginning to curb my cravings without a thorough sprinkling of overreacting? As I've laid it out in previous blog posts, I was a serial snacker. A snack attacker. A human who couldn't conceive of not eating something every three hours. It was ridiculous … Continue reading A Peek Into My Week 1 Fasting Journal

Confessions of a Carb-Addict

If you know me at all, you'll know my tendency to be constantly hungry. Three meals a day with no snacking? Impossible. I'm the type (although no longer) who needs to snack every three hours to refrain from the uncontrollable monster called being HANGRY. My moods would sink so low that I was afraid I'd … Continue reading Confessions of a Carb-Addict