Korean Beauty

Smoky Pulled Pork

This is my new weekly favourite dish, and it's beyond simple to prepare. I've finally become more comfortable with my Instant Pot, and have started trusting in it's magical abilities to shorten cooking time and produce the most tender and delicious meals.  Below, I present to you the mouthwatering glory that is pulled pork! It all … Continue reading Smoky Pulled Pork

Why I Quit Keto

I can blame it on willpower. I can blame it on my weakness to commit to an eating plan or lifestyle longer than a few months. Or I can be honest with myself and pinpoint the simple reason I quit keto - carbs. I missed carbs.   I quit keto because I couldn't and didn't … Continue reading Why I Quit Keto

Soy sauce marinaded eggs served with kimchi

Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs

I am obsessed with these. The first time I had these eggs was in Korea, where I worked for three years. I've been craving Korean food since living in the US, where it's not part of my daily meals. I am trying to include more Korean dishes into my meals, seeing as my partner is … Continue reading Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs