Confessions of a Carb-Addict

If you know me at all, you’ll know my tendency to be constantly hungry.

Three meals a day with no snacking? Impossible.

What dreams are made of

I’m the type (although no longer) who needs to snack every three hours to refrain from the uncontrollable monster called being HANGRY. My moods would sink so low that I was afraid I’d murder the nearest person.

Going on any sort of outing or trip required planning. Planning what snacks would keep my energy levels up. Planning when the next meal would be. Constant planning.

Cereal was always a ‘YES!’ food

Bagels, cereals, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, bánh mìs – ANYTHING carb related would grab my attention and demand constant consumption. I was so caught up in a carb-craving cycle that there seemed no way out of my endless hunger.

Never mind the fact that I’m based in the US, where fast food spots abound endlessly and I’ve always had a curious nature, keen to try everything new. My world revolved around everything to do with food.

It was exhausting.

Welcome to America

I became so tired of being tied to food, to snacks, to thinking about food and to planning on when and what my next meal would be.

I would wake up hungry. I would wake up from being hungry. I would wake up with the immediate thought of “What’s for breakfast?” and it started getting old.

I could never turn a sandwich down

My girlfriend introduced me to the idea of intermittent fasting, and I never thought I would survive as long as I did, eating LESS and less frequently.

I’ve been following the IF or intermittent fasting lifestyle for over two months now, and the changes have been drastic. I now only eat two meals a day, and have learned how to ditch the carbs from my diet. Things are looking up. I’ve lost weight and centimeters, and am regaining my waistline. I also spend less time worrying about food, and IF has a lot to do with this.

Check my next post for how IF has changed my life.

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